Leaside Townhome

This is the first project we ever had professionally photographed! Just goes to show that when you invest in classic, quality pieces, there is a timelessness that never tires. This project was all about double-duty! This is not a large space, but with beautiful architectural details, high ceilings, and very carefully curated furnishings, it definitely has a spacious feel. There is no room for superfluous items. Each piece needed to be beautiful and functional. And if it had multiple functions? All the better. The living, dining and kitchen share one space, so the host chairs double as occasional chairs, and the nesting coffee tables are easy to expand or contract as needed. We love the presence of the extra tall sideboard that doesn’t get lost behind the dining table (which expands to seat 8!). The framed art in the dining room is impressive in scale, but retains the palette of the warm grey washed wood sideboard and table, and most importantly holds space for the show-stopping canvas over the sofa. The master suite continues the soft greys and taupes, but here we accented with the softest hues of blues and greens from the accent pillows, to the plaid tufted ottoman, to the (oh so perfect!) framed Parisienne watercolours. The two guest suites were each given their own personality with accents in pink and yellow.

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